Joe Fisher dba Grandpa Joe’s Computer Service
Waterville, Ohio

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In your home–days, evenings and weekends.

Working with seniors is my specialty..

Old enough to know. Better.

Grandpa Joe easily teaches users that computers are much easier to use than they probably know. He shares tips and techniques to simplify and demystify the process of getting a computer

to do what you TELL it to do. I believe I can convince most people that computers aren’t anything to be afraid of, nor are they complicated to operate for everyday computer activities.

Using e-mail, sharing photos, video calling with your family and other common uses of a computer are within everyone’s grasp. I would love to show your group how to enjoy a computer.

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Get Grandpa Joe to Speak to Your Group



Joe is developing a number of multimedia presentations to present to seniors groups and others to show in an enjoyable and humorous way just what he means when he tells group members  “your built-in computer you were born with is WAY smarter than that flashing, whirring contraption sitting on your desk! It’s not the boss, YOU are!”

He is actively seeking dates to make a presentation to your group or club.

Get Grandpa Joe for an entertaining and educational meeting. Many dates are open.





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